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Academic Procedures

Honor Societies

Honor Societies

A major focus at Eastchester High School is academic excellence. For this reason we wholeheartedly endorse the following honor societies. We encourage all students to strive for excellence and invite all qualified students to apply for membership in these organizations. Induction into the various societies is based on consistent academic achievement and behavior. Students should consequently focus on both outstanding achievement and character from the beginning of their 9th grade year.

National Honor Society

Selection for membership into the Eastchester High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service. While selection occurs after completion of the junior year, building a record of success in each of these four areas is critical beginning in ninth grade. A faculty council of 5 faculty members will evaluate each application in the following required areas:

  • Scholarship: Students must have a cumulative weighted average of at least 92% at the end of junior year. Your course of study should reflect an academically rigorous course load.
  • Character: Students with outstanding character consistently exemplify desirable qualities of behavior. They:
    • Contribute to a positive atmosphere in class, activities, and sports.
    • Comply with all school regulations and policies while on and off campus.
    • Demonstrate the highest standards of reliability, honesty, and integrity, both in and out of school.
    • Show courtesy, concern, and respect for others.
    • Demonstrated concentration and perseverance in order to attain goals.
  • Leadership: Students should hold at least one leadership position and demonstrate meaningful participation in two or more school organizations.
  • Service: Students should evidence contributions to the school and the surrounding community by volunteering/giving of themselves in ways to benefit others.

The selection procedures for the National Honor Society, as suggested by the national organization, are as follows:

  1. Academic records for students are reviewed after the completion of junior year to determine which students are scholastically eligible for membership.
  2. Scholastically eligible candidates are notified that they have met the academic threshold and are then given the opportunity to complete the membership application. Students cite their accomplishments in the areas of Service and Leadership.
  3. All faculty members are then invited to provide confidential input via a Faculty Evaluation Form to the five-member Faculty Council for review. The teachers, based on professional interaction with the students, comment on the candidates’ leadership, service, and character record over the previous three years.
  4. Upon receipt of the student application and the Faculty Evaluation Form, the Faculty Council reviews all student applications along with any other verifiable information about the candidates relevant to their consideration for membership.
  5. Those candidates receiving a majority vote of the faculty council will be formally notified in writing about their selection and the date of the induction ceremony. Those not selected will be notified in a timely and considerate manner.

Selection to the National Honor Society is a privilege which must be maintained throughout the duration of the member’s high school career. Should a member fall below the standards of acceptability for scholarship, character, leadership, or service, the member will be promptly warned in writing by the chapter advisor and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency. In the case of a flagrant violation of school rules or the law, no warning is necessary. In the instance of impending dismissal, a member shall have a right to a hearing before the Faculty Council prior to the Council rendering a decision. A person who has been dismissed may appeal the decision of the Faculty Council under the same rules for disciplinary appeals at Eastchester High School.

Art Honor Society

Academic: 92 average in at least 3 semesters of high school art and currently enrolled in an EHS art course.
Character: Demonstrates excellent character.

Business Honor Society

Academic: Maintains an 85 average in at least 3 credits in Business/Computer courses; accounting is required; teacher recommendation is required; probationary period for juniors who have at least 2 ½ credits by spring of junior year and scheduled to take a Business course during the next school year.
Character: Demonstrates excellent character.
Service: Participates in all BHS-sponsored activities.

English Honor Society

Academic: Maintains a 90 average over the first five semesters at Eastchester.
Character: excellent academic character (no plagiarism), active enrolment and participation in The Eaglet, Forum, or Poetry Club.
Service: Submit original work for in-house and national writing contests, seek publication in local and national periodicals, and participate in community outreach events. The outreach events may include work with the elementary schools, pajama story time at the local Barnes and Noble, and other such activities.

French Honor Society

Academic: 90 average or above in French during semester of selection; cumulative 90 average in French during 3 prior semesters; 80 average or above in all other subjects during semester of selection, as well as during 3 prior semesters; must be actively engaged in the study of French.
Character: Demonstrates excellent character.
Service: Tutoring and fundraising activities.

Italian Honor Society

Academic: Maintains a 90 average in a minimum of 2 courses in high school; must be enrolled in a high school Italian course to maintain membership.
Character: Demonstrates excellent character.
Service: Participation in all IHS-sponsored activities.

Math Honor Society

Academic: 90 average in Math; 88 average overall; 3 years of high school Math and currently enrolled in a high school Math course.
Character: Demonstrates excellent character.
Service: Participation in all MHS-sponsored activities.

Music Honor Society

Academic: Students must maintain an A average in their music classes and a B average in school.
Service: Students must be enrolled in a school music group (orchestra, band, chorus); must participate in an extracurricular school music group (full orchestra, jazz band); and must complete at least 5 service hours of tutoring younger music students.

Science Honor Society

Academic: Must be a junior or senior currently enrolled in a Regents level or higher science course, and must have a minimum 90 average in all science courses. Applications are available in September of each year.
Character:Demonstrates excellent character.

Spanish Honor Society

Academic: 92 average in Spanish III. If average is 90/91, the average of Spanish II and current third level course must be 92.
Character: Demonstrates excellent character.
Service: ½ hour per week tutoring for students taking Spanish and participation in all SHS-sponsored activities.