Student & Parent Handbook

Student Support Services

Academic Support and Resources

Extra Help

The high school provides academic support to students through labs and the EHS Study Center. Additionally, students may have access to resource room assistance, learning workshop, and study skills classes. For those students learning English as a New Language, ENL classes are available.

All teachers are available from 2:30 to 2:55 to support students who have questions or need that extra time to master the material.

Computer Center

In addition to the computers available in the library, a computer area located in the Old Gym is available for student use throughout the day. Students are encouraged to use this area as a “drop in” center when class is not in session or when they have a study hall. Computers are designated for school work, and playing games is forbidden. Students should receive permission from their study hall teacher prior to going to the Computer Center. Food and drinks are prohibited. The Computer Center closes daily at 3 PM.

Study Center

In a continued effort to support student learning, students can visit the Study Center during their lunch period. The Study Center will have teachers of English, Social Studies, Math, and Science available to serve as resources. Even if a student’s specific classroom teacher is not accessible at this time, other teachers from their respective department will be in the Study Center to answer student questions.

Students are encouraged to use the Study Center as a “drop in” center when they have questions on assignments or projects. Teachers will be there on a regular basis to assist in this regard.

Additionally, students in need of additional academic support may be scheduled for the Center to ensure student success.

The Study Center will be open daily during lunch periods, Periods 4-7.