Student & Parent Handbook

Student Support Services

College Planning

In addition to annual academic planning, counselors meet with all juniors and parents in January and February to discuss the college admission process, including ACT/SAT, admission plans, Naviance, college visits, and more. Additionally, counselors strive to match each student with an appropriate group of colleges based on the student’s academic record and goals. The process continues with ongoing individual meetings with students during the fall semester of senior year.

In addition to college planning meetings, parents and students are invited to attend our annual College Fair, College Night and Financial Aid Night. At each event, students and parents get firsthand information from college admissions and financial aid professionals.

College Visits

Throughout the year the Counseling Office sponsors visits to our school from a variety of colleges and post-secondary programs. Each representative meets with interested students to provide information regarding his/her school’s admissions policies and academic requirements. In addition, each representative is available to visit with Counselors to learn of EHS updates. This is an opportunity for juniors and seniors to speak informally with many representatives, which will help students gather and compare information, learn about the wide variety of options available, and help them make choices for the future. Reminders of the visits are posted in the Counseling Office and on Family Connection, and are announced daily.