Student & Parent Handbook

Student Support Services

Counseling Department

The high school Guidance Center provides important services to students, parents, and guardians. The main focus is on student success. Counselors are available to provide information and to assist students in making decisions regarding their high school program, career interests, and post high school plans. They also attempt to help students resolve personal problems that may be impeding their social, personal, and academic progress. It is important that students establish and maintain regular contact with their counselor throughout their four years of high school.

During the school year, each counselor will schedule individual appointments with students. Counselors also visit classes to discuss guidance information. Parents are regularly invited and encouraged to attend all conferences and evening programs.

Student Support System

In an effort to personalize the educational process for every Eastchester High School student, an administrator and counselor will work closely with the teaching staff to facilitate success for each student. The following chart outlines the student support team:

Ms. Patane x4262 Ms. Reilly x4581 Ms. Hickey x4261 Ms. Cozzi x4253 Ms. Meyers x4250 Ms. Crisci x4305
Dr. Bhat Mr. DiMaio
12 A-Contant (Czechuan, Rojas) Corbi-Eke Evangelista-Johnson (Kilker, Kubota, Lappetito, Lewis) Jones-McSpedon
Medici-Rooney Rowe-Z
11 Abdel-Collins (Damiano) Ciarletta-DeVito (Chavez-Caetano, Esposito, Gallucci) DiLeo-Iwakami Jaikissoon-Murtagh
Murtha-Sabatino (Santoro)
10 A Coughlin Crecco-Fendrich Ferrara-Lam (Evangelista, Fang, Faustini) Lange-Nefesh (Kalaj, Kim-Koutis, Kolaj, Kouloumbis) Nurzia-Schepisi (Nardi) Schivley-z
09 A-DeLillis DeLorenzo-Farrell (Ciarletta, Cirino, Costa, Crea, D'Annunzio, DeBenedictis, Pepaj) Fava, Lanzetta (Dwyer) LaSalle-Ornato Pavlidis-Sinanis
(Medici, Molina)
Smith-Z (San, Santo, Schroko, Sinaly)

Students who have personal issues relating to drugs, peer relationships, or family matters can seek assistance through any of the school psychologists, Mrs. Fleischmann (ext. 4304), Ms. Cortese (ext. 4606), or Ms. Gatchalian (ext. 4663) located in Room S201.