Student & Parent Handbook

Administrative and Support Staff Extensions

High School Administration/Departmental Numbers

Dr. Jeffrey Capuano, Principal 4221
Dr. Vidya Bhat, Assistant Principal 4224
Joe DiMaio, Assistant Principal 4224
Rachel Sydlowski, Art Chairperson 4236
Lucrezia Lindia, Foreign Language Chairperson 4285
Larry Ellis, Mathematics Chairperson 4652
Jason Karol, AD/Physical Education Chairperson 4230
Robert Ross, Science Chairperson 4418
Geri Burke, School Nurse 4693
Lisa Massi, School Nurse 4327
Nancy Brown/Eleanor Schuster, Librarians 4276

Student Support Services

Heather Reilly, Guidance Chairperson/School Counselor 4581
Janice Crisci, School Counselor (Interim Chair) 4305
Julie Meyers, School Counselor 4250
Emily Cozzi, School Counselor 4253
Brianne Hickey, School Counselor 4261
Deona Patane, School Counselor 4262
Marguerita Cortese, Psychologist 4606
Gianna Fleischmann, Special Education Chairperson/Psychologist 4304
Marcie Gatchalian, Psychologist 4663

Secretarial and Support Staff

Principal's Office 4221
Ms. Forgione, Assistant Principal's Office 4224
Ms. Arcidiacono, Attendance Office 4228
Ms. Tarsia, Athletic Office 4230
Ms. Tarsia, Youth Employment office 4257
Ms. Caccavo, Health Office 4694
Ms. Castiello, Guidance Office 4248
Mr. Grassi, Head Custodian 4237
Ms. Paruch, Cafeteria Manager 4234