Student & Parent Handbook

Co-Curricular Procedures

Athletic and Extracurricular Eligibility

Eastchester High School offers a broad range of activities and encourages all students to participate. There is research proving that students who participate in athletics and other school activities are more successful in school. With participation, however, comes student responsibility.

Rationale for Academic Requirements

The primary responsibility of Eastchester High School to its students is to provide them with an effective education. We recognize that an effective education has many facets and appreciate the value that social, cultural, and athletic activities add to a student’s educational experience. Nevertheless, the core of an effective education is academics. Therefore, it is reasonable to assert that participation in co-curricular activities should be subject to the attainment of some minimum level of academic performance by a student. The goals of these regulations are to:

  1. Improve student academic achievement
  2. Foster an environment in which students, parents, administrators, and teachers value and strive for academic excellence

Applicability: These regulations shall apply to any Eastchester High School co-curricular organization or activity that has an advisor or coach.

Academic Eligibility

A student who has two or more failing quarter grades will be ineligible to play on an interscholastic team or to participate in extracurricular activities. Course failures incurred at the end of the school year shall affect fall sports and extra-curricular activity eligibility. Failures must be made up in summer school or, if the course is being repeated, the student must be passing the course at the beginning of the sport or activity.

A student who has one failing grade will be placed on academic probation. These students are responsible for getting after-school help at least twice per week to improve their grades.

Students who are academically ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities have the right to appeal the decision by contacting their coach/advisor, the athletic director, or their school administrator.

Attendance Requirement for Activities

A student must be in attendance at least six periods (with no unexcused absences) to be eligible to participate in an athletic contest or extracurricular activity that same day. Extenuating circumstances must be explained to a school administrator prior to the late arrival.

If the student has an unexcused absence from school on a day preceding a holiday or weekend event, he/she will not be permitted to participate in this event. If the offense is not identified in time, the student shall be suspended for the next event. Coaches and advisors will monitor attendance and furnish the attendance office with an accurate roster prior to the first game or meeting.

Students who are suspended from school are not allowed to participate in rehearsals, practices, or contests and are not allowed on school grounds or at a site where a school-sponsored event is taking place until reinstatement occurs.

Students who are ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities have the right to appeal the decision by contacting their coach, the athletic director, or their school administrator.

Medical Examinations

A student must satisfactorily pass the prescribed medical examination given by the school physician prior to the sports season. School medical forms can be downloaded from the Athletics Department website.