Student & Parent Handbook

Health and Safety Procedures

Emergency Drills

The school holds a series of fire and emergency drills during the year to test our preparedness for emergency evacuations. Students are expected to cooperate with staff in moving quickly and silently toward designated exits. No one is permitted to stop at lockers and all must vacate the building. All students must move at least 100 feet away from the building and remain clear of all roadways while remaining with their teacher. No one may return to the building until the all-clear signal is given.

Should an evacuation of the school become necessary, the following plan would be implemented:

  • A school-wide announcement would inform students and staff of the situation and would provide necessary information such as dismissal time and bus schedule.
  • Students must report immediately to evacuation sites and remain with their teachers until directed otherwise.
  • If students are to be dismissed, parents, guardians and/or emergency contacts will be notified.
  • Due to safety concerns, students may not leave and cannot be released prior to the official dismissal time as stipulated by Administration.

Health Services

Students becoming ill during the school day should ask their classroom teacher for a pass to report to the nurse. If it is necessary to go home, the nurse will inform the parent and the student will be released from school. Students who leave school without permission will be given an unexcused absence for classes missed and will face appropriate disciplinary measures.


Any accident in the school building, on the school grounds, at practice sessions, or at any athletic event or other sponsored activity must be reported as soon as possible to the person in charge and to the Health Office.

Use of Medicine

Medication to be administered to a student must be in a prescription bottle with a note from a parent and a physician authorizing the use of said medicine. All medicine must be kept in the Health Office.

School Closings and Emergency Procedures

If it is necessary to close school or have a delayed opening for any reason, an announcement will be made on the district website, Cablevision Channel 12 & 78, and through School Messenger, a districtwide automated phone call service.