Student & Parent Handbook

Campus Procedures

General Building Policies

Building Usage

Students are encouraged to remain after school for extra academic support with their teachers, to become involved in various clubs and activities, and to participate in the athletic events available at Eastchester High School.

Please remember that only students participating in school-sanctioned activities are permitted in the building or on the premises after school hours. No students are allowed in the building or on school grounds unless accompanied by a school employee.

Driving and Parking

No students are permitted to park on campus.

Identification Cards

A photo identification card will be issued to each Eastchester student at the beginning of the school year. Students are required to carry this card at all times while in school or while attending school-related activities and must present it when requested by school staff. When re-entering the building during the school day, all students must present a current ID card. Identification cards are required for students taking SAT tests. Identification cards must not be defaced or altered in any way. There will be a fee to replace a lost or mutilated identification card.

Hall Passes

It is expected that students will remain in class the entire period unless extenuating circumstances arise.

If a student leaves a class, he or she is required to carry a teacher-signed pass stating the student’s name, room of origin, destination, and time. When in the halls, students are expected to walk quietly and not distract classes which are in session.

If a student abuses this privilege, he or she may be placed on pass restriction or face other disciplinary action.

It should be emphasized that juniors and seniors, like other students, are required to carry a teacher-signed pass in the hallways when classes are in session. Choosing not to abide by any school policy leads to forfeiture of this privilege or other disciplinary action.

Leaving School Grounds

Students in grades 9 and 10 are required to be in classes, including study halls, each period of the day except during lunch. At lunchtime, ninth and tenth graders may be permitted to use various campus locations as designated by the high school administration.

Students in grade 11 are required to be present in the building every period except lunch. During free periods, students may use the cafeteria or library. Students in grade 11 may leave school grounds during their lunch period only and should not plan to re-enter the building until the end of the period. If students return a few minutes before the bell, they must wait quietly at the front entrance.

Students in grade 12 may leave school grounds during their lunch or any unassigned period. School administrators may revoke privileges for poor academic performance or disciplinary reasons. Seniors returning to the building after an unassigned period must enter at the main or cafeteria entrance and wait quietly for the bell in that area in order to maintain the learning environment and minimize distractions.

Only students participating in school-sanctioned activities are permitted in the building after school hours or in the evening.

All students re-entering the building during school hours must present a current school ID card.


At various times throughout the year, the school will have class meetings, student productions, concerts, speakers, and other special events. When the school congregates in the auditorium, there are guidelines for appropriate conduct. Generally, the event will begin with the Pledge of Allegiance.

For all events, hats may not be worn. Students are assigned seats with a particular class group and attendance is taken. Eastchester High School students are expected to welcome speakers and performers in a polite and courteous manner and to give attention to the program being presented.

End of Year Procedures

All students are expected to attend to any fines, clean out their lockers, and return library books and textbooks, uniforms, and other school property before the end of the academic year.

Field Trips

For any trip sanctioned by the school, a permission slip signed by the parent or guardian must be returned to the teacher in charge five days prior to the trip. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain permission from each of his/her subject teachers to attend the trip. All school rules apply during a field trip.

Senior Privileges

Eastchester High School Seniors earn privileges exclusive to the class. They are subject to the school’s co-curricular eligibility requirements and are therefore subject to revocation or modification. The privileges are reviewed quarterly with report cards, satisfactory progress toward graduation, attendance, and acceptable school citizenship. Examples of senior privileges are open campus, graduation ceremony, and the prom.

Lost and Found

Any belongings found by custodians, staff, and students should be returned to the office of the assistant principal. Items clearly marked will be returned to the owner as soon as possible. Items not marked will be kept 60 days and then dealt with appropriately. Books will be returned to the proper department or to the library. Clothing items will be donated to a charitable organization. Other items will be donated or discarded.

Printed Materials

The distribution or posting of any materials without the prior permission of school officials is not permitted. All materials must first be reviewed and approved by the Assistant Principal’s Office prior to posting. Permission to post items advertising functions that are not school related will rarely be given. In all cases, students bear responsibility for the content of the materials and for the cleanup after the posting.


All guests and visitors must register at the front door. Visitors are not allowed to accompany students to class unless permission is obtained in advance from the principal.

Telephone Messages

Only telephone messages of an emergency nature from a parent or guardian may be given to students during the school day.

Student Pranks

Because the school year ends with preparation for final examinations and Regents testing, any disruptions or pranks that interfere with the educational process will be considered a threat to the rights and well-being of the student body. Students engaged in any disruption or prank will be subject to a zero tolerance policy. If a suspension or superintendent’s hearing is merited, notification of such action may be part of the student’s permanent record and may be forwarded to universities or colleges.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

The use of electronic communication devices is prohibited in the school building during school hours except in the cafeteria during a student’s lunch period. Personal electronic devices include but are not limited to phones, iPods, and televisions. The district is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices.


Students and all others are prohibited from smoking anywhere on school property or at school functions and activities. This includes electronic cigarettes and devices that produce vapor.


Roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, scooters and bicycles may not be used on school property. If these are used as transportation to and from school, they must be walked from the perimeter of the school grounds and then stored in lockers or locked in a safe area.