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Club Handbook

Graciously completed by C. Cimons (’16)

Eastchester High School offers many opportunities to explore interests through after school clubs and activities. Extra-curriculars can be the difference between an ordinary high school experience and an extraordinary one. Most people say that clubs are a benefit because they “look good on your resume.” But, it only looks good if you invest time and passion into clubs you enjoy. The most important reason colleges look at your extra-curricular activities is because it adds to your academic transcript in a more personal way—it defines and differentiates you. But there are plenty of other reasons to join clubs. Here is what others have to say about how clubs can make your high school experience more than just ordinary:

 “If I could offer any advice to the future of Eastchester, it would be to get involved in one or two extracurricular activities that you can really have fun in. Looking back, some of my greatest memories are from the extracurricular activities I was a part of.” (Scott Symons, Class of 2015)

 “Through clubs, you are given the chance to expand your social horizons as you collaborate and make friends with people from all different grades. There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with a group of people who share the same interests as you, as you work toward achieving common goals, whether they be projects, publications or productions.” (Rodlyn-mae Banting, Class of 2015)

 “Being part of extra-curriculars has given me the opportunity to better define myself by exploring my passions, and has motivated me to take my interests to the outside community.” (Caitlin Cimons, Class of 2016)

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Walter Moran III, Ed.D.


Jeffrey A. Capuano, Ph.D. 

Assistant Principals

Vidya Bhat, Ed.D.

Giuseppe DiMaio

School Counselors

Emily Cozzi

Janice Crisci

Brianne Hickey

Julie Meyers

Deona Patane

Heather Reilly

Contact Information

Eastchester High School

2 Stewart Place

Eastchester, NY 10709

Phone: 914-793-6130

FAX:  914-793-1920

CEEB/ACT Code 335630


New York State

Board of Regents


Located in Westchester County, 15 miles north of New York City, Eastchester High School has an enrollment of 950 students.  Many parents in the community of 20,000 residents are employed in professional, business, trade, and executive positions in the Westchester County and New York City areas.


Eastchester provides a strong academic program that prepares students for college study.  All students in grades 9-11 are required to take a minimum of 6 credits plus Physical Education each year, including a minimum of:  4 English, 4 Social Studies, 3 Mathematics, 3 Science, 1 Language, and 1 Art or Music.

Subject AP/College Courses Offered Honors Courses Offered

English Literature & Composition,

English Language & Composition              
English 9H, 10H

Social Studies          

World History, United States History,

United States Government & Politics, European History         
Global History 9H

Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics,

Computer Science

Geometry H, Algebra-2H,

Pre-Calculus H


Biology, Chemistry, Physics1, Psychology,

Environmental Science, Physical Geology2

Biology H, Chemistry H,

Advanced Science Research-2

Language French, Spanish, Italian
ArtStudio Art 

Financial Accounting1, Entrepreneurship3,

Marketing3, Business Law3

1Credit granted through Westchester Community College; receives AP weight

2Credit granted through SUNY Oneonta (not offered in 2017-18)

3Credit granted through Westchester Community College ACE Program


Eastchester does not rank its students, but reports rank to the nearest 5%.  A cumulative GPA is computed at the end of 11th grade and includes all courses.  Only AP courses (1.1) and Honors courses (1.05) are weighted.  Numeric grades and their letter grade equivalents are listed below:

            97 — 100:  A+       87 — 89:  B+        77 — 79:  C+       65 — 69:  D

            93 — 96:  A          83 — 86:  B         73 — 76:  C         0 — 64:  F

            90 — 92:  A-        80 — 82:  B-        70 — 72:  C-


Students who meet the criteria below and carry a minimum of 5.5 credits with no incomplete or failing grades are placed on one of two Honor Rolls at the end of each quarter.

            Honors with Distinction: minimum weighted GPA of 95

            Honor Roll: minimum weighted GPA of 92


Students who meet the criteria are invited to join Honor Societies in the following disciplines:

            New York State: Mathematics, Science

            National: Art, Business, French, Italian, Spanish as well as the Douglas MacDonald Chapter of the National Honor Society

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